Second Darkness

Emmie's Awesome-tastic Adventure Log! Day 14 & 15

New Friends, cheaters and a puppy!

Dear D, Day 14

So I “accidentally” brought home another pet. His name is Fetch and he is a dog with only 3 legs?!?! He’s such a sweetie pie too! I don’t know why those jerks tired to keep him as a guard dog. I originally was going to give him to Mr. Saul, on account that they both are missing a limb, but Mr. Saul wanted to put Fetch in a fighting arena as warm up. So now Sneky Snak and I have a new bedmate. (The gambling table is going to look like those silly paintings soon, I can’t wait!)

Anyway, I got Fetch because Mr. Saul sent us to “talk” to a dirty cheaty-face cheater named Beltias Kreun. He lived in an abandoned church thing, called St. Caspieran’s Salvation. It was filled with people who really couldn’t afford to live in better places. I kinda felt sorry for them. We met a really nice priest of Cayden Calean Cailean, who patched up my snake bite! I hope if we start to make more money, that we can help the church get a better soup kitchen, it looks like the people there need it.

Anyway, so we walked in all cool, and then some jerk tried to get poor Fetch to attack us! Luckily Fetch is a good boy and didn’t, so we beat him up. However just as we were about to win, someone threw a scorpion on Chesca?! So we beat them up. Most of the people we beat up were okay, though I think the half-orc didn’t really make it. I almost feel bad for him, but he was going to kill us, so I don’t know. Anyway, we managed to apprehend Beltias, and made two new friends!

They work for us now and are also twins! I think that this city is a good omen for twins cause now we have 3 sets working here, well more like 2.5, but who cares? There names are Madrat and Balstan, and Madrat is super nice! Balstan needs a bit more anger management training before we can leave him unaccompanied on the floor, but he’s getting there. OH, also Harper joined us too! She’s super nice, and is trying to look out for our best interest. AND best of all she has the same hair color as mine, so she has to be cool! Sabina wasn’t feeling to well today, so she just mainly stayed on the floor making sure that no one else was cheating.

I wonder what I’m going to do tomorrow? I guess I should write Lam a letter, since I promised, but I don’t know how I’ll get it to him. He should already be escorting the late summer bunch up to Kalsgard before it gets too cold to come back.



PS. We met a guy who loves to take care of pigeons named Pidge! He was super nice. Roger was upset though, because he had some injured ones in a cage, but he’s nursing them back to health. He also has a pigeon girlfriend. I should ask Lam if animals can tell if they are in a committed relationship with humans. I would hate for Pidge to get his heart broke over a miscommunication.

Day 15

Dear D,

Mr. Saul sent us out on a super important task of getting some super expensive alcohol and ensuring that it came back to the Gold Goblin in one piece. However when we got to the dock, some jerkface was paying off the captain and trying to take off with our adult beverages! He was dressed as captian Korvosa, and was super mean. I showed him however, and all of my arrows were true! However he did get one really good hit on me. I should probably talk to Chesca about getting some healing, otherwise it might get infected.

Anyway, as soon as we got our casks of drink off of the ship, something really weird happened. A bunch of seagulls got sucked up into the blot? And then some fell down into the water and most were dead! Roger was super upset and took a few of the living ones to see Pidge. I am kinda worried. Maybe I should actually see if I can find any information about the blot with the Cyphermages. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I hope I’m wrong.





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