Second Darkness

Emmie's Awesome-tastic Adventure Log! Day 17

Tensions are high

Dear D,

I think all of us living together in this room are starting to grate on people’s nerves. Roger and Sabina got into a huge fight over Mr. Saul’s fighting ring, and I’m not so sure why. I left when Sabina began to yell. I don’t like yelling. It reminds me too much of the time the raiders came and captured Lam and I. I’m glad that we both escaped safely.

Anyway, I left the meeting early to go set up a tea party with Fetch and Sneky Snke. Chesca joined up afterwards, and she brought rum! It was a ton of fun. But that wasn’t even the most exciting part of today! A ginormous wave came up from the warf and nearly swept us all off of our feet! Luckily Harper managed to get all of us up on the roof before it hit, so we didn’t get taken out to sea. And then, you’ll never believe this, but a giant bunyip got stuck on the roof! Sabina and Chesca helped put it out of its misery, and the others harvested the teeth for fetishes.

Sabina and Chesca are really good at making jewelry out of leather strips and stuff. Sabina even made a crown! She looks all cool and powerful. Unfortunately Sam had to leave. She was accepted as an apprentice to a Cyphermage! I’m so excited for her!

Tomorrow I’m suppose to help Sabina go find a safe place for the rest of the animals down in the basement. I think she talked about a gnome run petting zoo? I guess she needs someone with my qualifications to ensure that the animals will be given good care! I’m super excited.


PS: I’m also planning a beach day for everyone, since we’re not getting along so well. I hope it goes well!



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