Second Darkness

Emmie's Awesome-tastic Adventure Log! Day 20 & 21

A raid on the Goblin?!

Dear D, Day 20

I killed someone today. He was trying to hurt Madrat, and I shot him. There was blood and brains everywhere. Sabina told me that I did a good job. I don’t feel like I did one. I mean, this isn’t the first person I’ve killed, but I guess this is the closest one I’ve been to when they perished. I miss Lam.


Dear D, Day 21

Mr. Saul is sending us to interupt a special meeting against a bunch of crime lords. Apparently the raid last night wasn’t only from Mr. Zincher, but also a gross crimelord that only recruits those with orc blood. What a racist. Anyway, Mr. Zincher is sending the five of us to disrupt this meeting and hoping that we can keep another attack coming for our home. I’ll be back later tonight. I hope this goes well.




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