Second Darkness

Emmie's Awesome-tastic Adventure Log!!! Day 4


Arodus 14, 4708 AR

Entry number 4 (really 3 1/2, because of Guntram)


Today was so much fun! I met up with Chesca, you remember Chesca right?! And we went to a gambling tournament! She’s looking great! ANYWAY, while we were working our way out of “hell” (OMG THE TOURNAMENT WAS SOOOO COOL), some dunderheads tried to run away with the prize pool. Thankfully Chesca and I were able to stop them (along with this really cool woman named Sabina [Her head’s shaved on the side too!] and Roger)

Roger is well… He’s Roger. Apparently his friend died, and Roger inherited his stuff. I wonder if I die, will Lam get my stuff or Chesca? Right now, I think that Chesca’s closer, so she can have my things and Lam can suck it. After the fight, we were called up into a really nice office! Mr. Vancaskerkin wanted us to work for him! Naturally I accepted! It looks like it may take me a little longer to return home than I originally thought, but I have a job! All by myself!

Along with this job I get free room and board, AND I get to play gambling games all day! AND GET PAID FOR IT (Looks like Lam was right, the winds are changing in my favor!) Our room has this super nice wolf rug that is sooo comfy and a huge fireplace! Tomorrow I get to meet the rest of the staff (It sounds like I get to make four new friends, how cool is that?!) and help with the interviews!

I am so excited! I can’t wait for my letter to reach home and rub it in Lamorac’s stupid face about how cool Riddleport is! (Serves him right for turning me down on this mission!) Though I do miss him, even if he is a smelly brother.

Okay, that’s enough for one night! It’s BEDTIME (IN A MASSIVE BUNK BED)




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