Second Darkness

Emmie's Awesome-tastic Adventure Log! Day 7

We met Samaritha and Leniloria!

Dear D,

Today started as normal, but then the BEST thing happened. A cool half-elf named Samaritha Beldusk came in today looking for a job. She has an owl named Leniloria, who is the cutest! Sam also taught me how to make friends with sneky snak. It was the best, so naturally I hired her!

As she went to work, all of the spells that Sam, Sabina, and Chesca cast turned into large purple clouds and floated out into the sky! It was apparently happening all over the city. So that was weird. Anyway, Sam is very good at tattoos! So now we can give out tattoos!

Mr. V returned in a foul mood, apparently Larur Feldin vanished last night with the loan repayment for Mr. Smeed. It was suppose to be the lastest payment to a loan shark. Mr. Smeed was not a nice person. He threatened us and we found Mr. Feldin’s torn and bloodied cloak in his trash! He also keeps a baboon in the kitchen?! Who does that?! (I mean, Lam keeps Guntram in his room, but that’s different) Anyway, we disposed of the baboon, and managed to get a copy of Saul’s file for his debt.

We still didn’t find Mr. Feldin though, I hope he’s okay.





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