Chesca Temer

when you’re good to Chesca, Chesca’s good to you


Chesca grew up in Riddleport, but was born at sea. Still far from shore, the ship was caught in the middle of a storm, and Chesca insisted on entering the world a month early. Tisintha (mom1), a passenger, was injured and knocked out during labor, but Vezales (mom2), also a Besmaran cleric and first mate on the ship, administered healing and assistance; consequently, Chesca absorbed significant amounts of positive energy during delivery.

When she wasn’t helping Tisintha around her workshop, she spent time with Vezales at either the Fish Bowl or the docks. Years later, she left home to join a crew on the Wreckless, eventually providing services as a cleric; her innate ability to stabilize the wounded proved invaluable.

En route from the Shackles back to Riddleport, Chesca recieved word from an acquaintance in Riddleport regarding some strange happenings.

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Chesca Temer

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